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Kids Yoga Teacher Training
How To Teacher Kangaroo Pose
(Chair Pose)

Sometimes I like turning one asana into an exciting adventure story.  A story that could be woven into the entire class.  Take the simple chair pose.   Chair pose can be turned into dozens of other cool, amazing things such as…

  • Bird Pose
  • Crane Pose (that picks up heavy objects)
  • Crane Pose (bird)
  • Cricket Player Pose (about to catch a ball)
  • Downhill Olympic Skier Pose
  • Golfer Pose (addressing the ball)
  • Helicopter Pose (raise arms and twist upper body)
  • Horseback Rider Pose
  • Invisible Chair Pose
  • Kangaroo Pose
  • Thunderbolt Pose

I could go on and on and on with examples of how to morph “chair pose” into something more exciting for a Kids Yoga Lesson Plan.  You’re only limited to your imagination.   Next time you think about doing a run-of-the-mill explanation for a pose (e.g. Chair pose:  Stand tall in Mountain. Feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and raise arms), take a quiet moment to dream up a mini-epic adventure for your kids.  I call it a “mini-epic” adventure because it’s not a full blown adventure story with lots of poses.  It’s only one pose.  But it can still be a mini-epic that entertains and educates the kids.

Tips For Teaching The Kangaroo Pose Mini-Epic Adventure

Tip #1
Ask a question or two  

Today, we’re going to do kangaroo pose.

Can anyone tell me where kangaroos come from?”

Can anyone tell me what kangaroos eat?” (herbivore)

Can anyone tell me how kangaroos move around?” (hopping)

Tip #2
Magic powers

Let the kids know the “magic powers” they get when they get into Kangaroo Pose.   “Did you know that when you get into Kangaroo Pose you take on the strengths of a Kangaroo.  Kangaroos are known for their amazing balance.   Balance may not seem so great, but here’s why it is great.   When you have the balance of a Kangaroo you instantly feel strong and secure.”

Tip #3
Kangaroo Qualities

You can also get into Kangaroo Pose when you want any of the following Kangaroo qualities…

  • Leap away from bad situations
  • Protect younger or less fortunate people than yourself
  • Adapt to new situations
  • Gain more strength

Tip #4
Kangaroo Factoids

You could give the kids some interesting kangaroo facts.

  • Kangaroos are herbivorous.
  • Kangaroos live in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.
  • Kangaroos have powerful, long hind legs and feet for leaping and jumping with.
  • Kangaroos have long tails that thicken at the base to help them balance.
  • Kangaroos are very fast and hop effortlessly to safety when being hunted.
  • Kangaroos have a chambered stomach, that works in much the same way as cattle and sheep.
  • Kangaroos are extremely good at focusing and rarely get distracted.
  • Kangaroos leap into the unknown without fear.
  • Kangaroos only ever move forwards.  They can’t go backwards.

Tip #5
Kangaroo Adventure

OK, now you’ve been given all these Kangaroo tips, it’s time to teach Kangaroo Pose.  Remember, the goal is to make it as educational and entertaining as possible (otherwise known as edutainment).

So, here goes…

Today we’re going to become a kangaroo. To become a Kangaroo we need to know something about them. Hmmm, let me think. Ah yes,  did you know that Kangaroos only ever hop forwards? They can’t  hop backwards. Quite often we can let our minds hop backwards in the past to think about something we did wrong. That makes us feel bad.  Well, that’s just silly isn’t it?  A Kangaroo wouldn’t do that.  A Kangaroo would hop forwards and think about the present moment and how amazing it is to be able to hop around. So, when you’re feeling bad about something you did in the past, get into Kangaroo Pose. Ready? Stand tall in Mountain.  Feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and raise arms.  Lower down as if sitting on an invisible chair.  Now you’re a kangaroo.  Hop high and proud with two paws out in front.  Make kangaroo “Humpf” sounds.  Feel how good it is to be moving forward and letting go of past mistakes.

Tip #6
Kangaroos Chatting 

Watch the video of this Kangaroo chatting. This will help you when you ask the kids to chat with each other like Kangaroos.