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Yoga Classroom Scenarios For Teachers
Downward Facing Dog On Three Legs

Life lessons transferable to your school classroom

At YogaClassesForSchools we’ve worked very hard to make sure the life lessons learned during our Kids Yoga Classes are transferable to your school classroom.   We’ll even provide your school teachers and the parents a “handout” of the story so they can play along at home.  We’ve discovered that if parent take the time to play along with their children, the child has a far greater chance of having a life long friendship with yoga.

The classroom scenario

The teacher, let’s call her Mrs Teach,  walks into a classroom that is packed full of energetic students.   Mrs Teach walks to her desk the whole class is in chaos.   She has a a choice to make, either get angry or use one of our attention getting tactic (attention getters are cleverly weaved into each Kids Yoga Class).    These attention getters have been tested and tweaked to get kids attentions in a fun, positive way, instead of the usual telling off method.

Mrs Teach wisely decides to use one of the nifty “kids attention getting tactics” which immediately gets the attention of the entire class in a fun, non-threatening way.   Mrs Teach says, “Let’s do Down Dog On Three Legs Pose,” and for the next 30 seconds, the students perform downward facing dog while raising one of their legs which is a variation on Downward Facing Dog Pose that kids love.   This inversion is energizing and calming at the same time.   After the pose, the students sit back at their desks with a calm energy.