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George Watts

George Watts

BWY Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is George.  ‘m a fully qualified (200 hrs) BWY yoga teacher. The website for my yoga classes is  My grandmother practised yoga for over 50 years. My mother and aunt are both yoga teachers. So, yoga has been a large part of my life since I was a baby. I teach yoga classes and run yoga retreats in Great Britain. Back in 2010, when it was taking me a several hours to write a kids yoga lesson plan, I created a “yoga lesson planning system” for myself — now called the Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.  A few years on and 1000+ yoga teachers from all over the world are now using the Kit to teach kids which is very humbling.

My real passion is teaching yoga. I love everything about teaching yoga. I love witnessing the subtle physical and emotional progress of my students. I love seeing the light turn on within a new student when they suddenly “get it” and start a lifelong journey with yoga. I love it all.

Kids Yoga Lesson Planner