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Online Drag & Drop Kids Yoga Lesson Planner For Schools & Yoga Teachers

Yoga for kids is in the news all the time and is spreading rapidly around the world. If your school is looking to build an age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness programme that combines yoga, meditation, relaxation, emotional awareness, story telling, drama and practical life skills go to to find out more about the Kids Yoga Lesson Planner.

Kids Yoga Class Features

Age 3 to 12 Yoga Classes

Within the Kids Yoga Lesson Planner there are hundreds of pre-filled yoga lesson plans for 3 to 12 year olds.

Each lesson plan is an adventure story that weaves an important theme (e.g. confidence, security, love, health, safety, happiness and gratitude) so that the students increase their emotional IQ and get fit while having fun.

Each pre-filled kids yoga lesson plan follows our proven 9 part formula:

  1. Intro to the adventure
  2. Secret opening Mantra to activate their magic mat
  3. Warm-ups
  4. Standing Postures
  5. Sitting Postures
  6. Breathing Exercise
  7. Surprise (e.g. Affirmation, Mantra, Guided Visualization, Partner Yoga)
  8. Guided Relaxation (to reinforce the class theme (e.g. gratitude)
  9. Secret closing Mantra

Attention Grabbing Story-Telling

Each Kids Yoga Lesson Plan has an adventure story that weaves an important theme (e.g. confidence, security, love, health, safety, happiness and gratitude) so that the students increase their emotional IQ and get fit while having fun. For example one of the pre-filled kids yoga lesson plans has a lion called Adi who thinks he’s a cat (low confidence) but during the yoga adventure he finds his roar (confidence).
Guided Kids Relaxation

Guided Relaxation Audio

Each pre-filled kids yoga lesson plan comes with a carefully scripted guided relaxation to empower kids with key skills and feelings such as confidence, security, love, health, safety, happiness and gratitude. Each track lasts around 5 minutes and can be played during a rest period in the class (or during the relaxation at the end of the class). The guided relaxation audios can also be used in your classes – studies now prove that a “relaxed brain” is far more effective than a stressed one.

Story Add-ons

A typical Kids Yoga Lesson Plan is 30 minutes. However, if you want it to be longer, we have a top secret way of increasing the class time using easy to apply “story add-ons”.
Story Add-ons
Transferable To The Classroom

Transferable To The Classroom

We’ve worked very hard to make sure the life lessons weaved into each kids yoga lesson plan are transferable to a school classroom environment. You’ll be able to print out each eye-catching, illustrated versions of the lesson plan and give to kids, school teachers and parents as a “handout” so they can practice yoga at home. We’ve discovered that if parents take the time to play along with their children, the child has a far greater chance of having a life-long friendship with yoga.


What benefits will the students receive?
 1. The Fitness Factor  Over the past 10 years obesity has reached epidemic proportions around the world. A yoga practice increases metabolism rates which will help kids keep fit. 2.  The Increased Flexibility Factor  Have you noticed these days that children are getting less flexible? It’s most likely due to the “computer gaming effect”.  More children are now spending hours a day playing computer games rather than playing outside. Yoga not only keeps the body nice and flexible, but increases bone and muscle strength. 3.  The Feel Good Factor  Each kids yoga lesson plan is a lot of fun. It will never feel like exercise or hard work. Countless studies prove that keeping active release “happy endorphins”. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure. Combining physical activity (yoga) and social connection (class) can stimulate extra endorphin production. When you practice yoga (or do any form of exercise) with a group, the energy level is higher and more endorphins are released. 4.  The Present Moment Awareness Factor Each kids yoga lesson plan subtly weaves in “present moment awareness” tactics that kids love to practice. Most children are easily distracted and miss the beauty of “The Now”. When children are engaged, focused, having fun, and following along in a yoga class, they are 100% engaged in the now. This is valuable tool children can use throughout their entire adult life. 5.  The Peace-filled Mind Factor  Each kids yoga lesson plan finishes with “quiet time”, also known as Deep Relaxation. This is an all-time favourite for yoginis of all ages. Called the “Do Nothing Pose,” children love lying on their backs in quiet, peaceful stillness with a guided visualisation. With just five minutes of Do Nothing Pose children instantly understand the importance of this peace and can carry it with them into their daily lives.
How long does a kids class last?
We recommend 30 minute classes, any longer and your kids will start to lose focus.
Who designed the kids yoga program?
George Watts is a fully qualified BWY (British Wheel Of Yoga) teacher and creator of The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit, which is the most popular yoga lesson planning resource on the Internet.  George has taught kids yoga since 2010, and is passionate about bringing the gift of yoga to students.
What style of yoga?
The Kids Yoga Lesson Planner creates lesson plans for the flowing kind of yoga (also known as vinyasa). Practicing vinyasa yoga helps kids raise their fitness levels. However, at various times during the class the yoga teacher will press the imaginary “pause button” and get the kids to stay in a pose for 10 to 30 seconds (yin yoga). Practicing yin yoga helps kids learn patience and deepens the stretch.
When is the best time to have a class at our school?
Anytime in morning or at least two hours after lunch.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.
Can teachers apply the yoga within their classes?
Yes.  Each kids yoga lesson plan has a theme such as: confidence, security, love, health, safety, happiness and gratitude. The subtle, hidden learning they’ll receive from taking part in “kids yoga classes” is transfered to their normal “school classes”.
Our school is interested. What now?
The only step you need to take is to get the Kids Yoga Lesson Planner. You’ll receive video tutorials on how to use the lesson planner, and get access to all the tips, tools and templates you need to teach yoga in your school.

Kids Yoga Lesson Planner